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I love this show, but does anyone think that these kids actually believe the journal about the old "Bonanza City".

It is the cheesiest thing that they could have come up with I think.

Taylor Voted Most Dramatic by Yahoo! TV

Yahoo! TV made up a yearbook of the 2007 TV Season, with Taylor taking "Most Dramatic."

That's our girl!


best town council?

Bonanza City has been ruled by 1 preselected town council, 2 citizen-elected town councils, and 1 council-appointed sheriff. How do you think they've done? Which people did the best job? Why?

Poll #1101564 best town council

Who ran the town the best?

council v1 (anjay, laurel, mike, taylor)
council v2 (anjay, guylan, laurel, zach)
council v3 (blaine, dk, greg, michael)
sheriff (sophia)

reelection!Collapse )

Not the dot kind.

So, tonight's episode is the second to last for the season.  Nevertheless, we will go on.

Quick Recap:
  • Sophia performs another one of her social experiments in the middle of town square. Future anthropologist in the making?
  • The town council leaves the town to go play with some Native Americans at like 3 random teepees in the middle of nowhere.
  • As sheriff, Sophia is left in charge, even given the task of picking the reward at the showdown. This proves to be a successful endeavor in making the town council look bad. Migle approves and Taylor even kisses Sophia's ass a bit.
  • The town comes together as a well oiled machine...5 days before they're supposed to leave.
  • Alex and Jared act smart together, wandering over to a pile of bones. Thigh or femur? Aren't they one and the same? "Pelvis has left the building!"
  • The kids have to deconstruct a giant house and reconstruct it at a different location in the showdown. Pointless much? At least we got to see alpacas. Plus, the kids looked super cute all bundled up in their coldwear. The girls of Yellow District even took a few minutes in the middle of the challenge to have a little pow wow and whine about how much the challenge sucked. Guylan also revealed that his parents were both elephant trainers. Random.
  • Green wins the showdown making them Upper Class two weeks in a row. Blue becomes cooks for the first time.
  • The reward choice was between a monument to Kid Nation or balloon rides. Despite the teariness evoked in the kids (as well as myself) by the monument, Sophia decided to cave to the pressures of the town and choose the hot air balloon rides. Hooray. The kids get to see the 5 buildings of Bonanza from way high in the sky! Unfortunately, because the council was out smoking the peace pipe with the Reds, they missed these rides and came back to see everyone in the air. If I were the other kids, I would've played "Dodge My Spit" with the council.
  • The town congregates in the pub to reflect about their experiences. I assume more drunkenness ensued after the tear filled speeches, including one from Migle, who was quite the star this episode. Poor Natasha. No air time for her.
  • More kids were completely ignored in this show. I have yet to see anything from Maggie or Brett. I typically forget they are there most of the time.  And where's Divad been?  We need potatoes.
  • Alex made hypoallergenic cocoa crispers. IDK.
  • The kids nominate others for the gold star. Most votes go toward Alex and Jared for being smart, as well as Mig for being the hottest girl in town.  Jared came in dressed as the invisible man and proceeded to vote for himself.  Zach also nominates himself, as he well deserves it, but gets laughed at by Greg. As Michelle Tanner would say, "How rude!" Very offended, Zach runs off to cry, then runs back to bitch at Greg. Greg does his faux-I-love-you stuff and DK gets mad.
  • Town meeting! The town council finds out everything went completely perfectly while they were gone. Somehow, I think Blaine and Greg were hoping Sophia would fall on her face. Damn. Speaking of Sophia, she showed off her pasty legs during the meeting, sporting her favorite grey shorts. Work it, girl.  ILU.
  • Hearing complaints about how distracting the arcade is, the council decides to lock it up for the remaining time in Bonanza. Should've taken the library.
  • Greg announces that the town council was to reward one of the smartest persons in town with the gold star and it is...Alex! Yay! Maybe he can use that 20k to buy himself a diamond encrusted grill. How fly would that be?
  • Alex calls his family after his win. All I have to say is, "OMG HI SCOTT!"
  • The town has a little bonfire outside to come together. More of MigTV ensues. Anjay says Bonanza is the only place where he's ever fit in. Last time I checked, in Pearland (where he is from), everyone is either Indian or Asian. Regardless, he cried, I cried, then everyone cried.
NEXT WEEK: The finale of Kid Nation! While it has been great having the show, it has to end at some point. I will probably be mourning in my apartment for the next 17 days afterward, so if there's a hiatus, you know where to find me.



I know why the council is leaving. Episode summary for this week:

The town-council members leave Bonanza City to visit with local Native Americans. While they are away, Bonanza's so-called sheriff seizes the opportunity to take control of the town.

So here's my question. If there are some Natives living just a walk away, and the council knows this, then what kept them from walking down there in the first place? O__O I'm sorry, but this just isn't making any sense in my head, unless these are traveling Natives that wander from Kid-Run Village to Kid-Run Village seeking to help out only four selective individuals. ;___; I'm probably thinking a bit too much into it, but hey. Wouldn't you have figured they would have, oh, say, noticed?

Silly kids. =P
Okay guys, here it is. I wanted it. You wanted it. We all asked for it. So I made it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby give you.... kidnationfanfic!

That's right. Now we can all fic it up, baby! Of course, right now it's still new and there isn't any actual fiction written here, but...I'm presently working on a fic! AND three new members just joined. I only hope we can get more.

And, in the future, I'm hoping to collaborate with some folks out there - maybe get some banners made, and some mods appointed, etc. It'll be fab.

I'm only just a little apprehensive because I have this irrational fear that I'll be getting a notice from Greg or Taylor and their lawyers before long suing me for this shit. That's why I've kinda got it under lockdown, but hey. You gotta feed your obsession somehow, right?

I don't think we're actually doing anything illegal. Are we? I don't know.

But go ahead and check it out! Have some fun! Post some stuff!

Good news for Kid Nation's LJ Community.


The following changes have been made:

roezmahree, zomgfish, nera_fiore are now Maintainers! Being Moderators just wasn't enough. I know you three will do a great job and I trust you with this community.

This community now has 4 maintainers. ;) I tend to get busy so I chose the 3 who commented to maintain the community with me. I trust all 3 of you based on your responses, looking at your journal and general posting in the community. I know all 3 of you and sometimes myself (ha) will work hard to make this a great community. Feel free to get together and discuss any changes or things you want to do. I'm open to anything and don't mind if you change whatever you'd like. Layouts, user information, icons, rules it's up to you 3. Thanks for responding so quickly and offering to help out. WE all love Kid Nation so let's make this journal great to look at and fun to read! I noticed all 3 of you have different skills you can bring to the table when it comes to helping out within the community. I'm looking forward to seeing the layout change, icons and user info come alive. I trust we will all get along (the four of us) in fact I'm almost positive there won't be any problems. I want to stay a maintaniner of this community but at this time I can't be 100% involved in it like I want to be. In a few weeks I'll be less busy and will have more free time to post, and help out with anything that needs it. Okay enough babbling. I feel like I just wrote a speech about all 3 of you winning the presidental election or something. Haha. Okay! Have fun!

uh oh!

ROFL, somebody's been messing with the Kid Nation Wikipedia page.

*click to enlarge

1x05 Icons

Batch #5!  A lot of sad and happy kids this episode.

Still taking requests, so feel free to ask. =)


child progidies?

So, my friend and I were having a discussion about the latest episode of Kid Nation and it turned to the seemingly "child progedies" of Kid Nation. Alex, Jared, Anjay and prehaps Mike.

She said that they were boring, and they had lost their childhood too early by studying and learning pointless numbers of Pi.
I replied that Jared and Alex were some of my favourite characters, they are hella great entertainment and if they enjoyed reading and learning, why can't they still be 'children' per say and do what they enjoy?

So what do you guys think of Alex, Jared and Anjay? Do you despise them or love watching them?

(My icon kind of gives me away. xD)