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Go Morgan. Go Alex.

After twelve weeks of watching these kids struggle with each other to set up "a better nation", I wish I could say I actually focused on the finale. While I watched it, I'm pretty sure my heart was somewhere else.

I'm a white girl. Green eyes and red hair all the way. I live in a suburban town outside of Youngstown, Ohio. And I recently started dating a boy that's been a friend of mine for a few years, and I really like him a lot. The catch? Well. Not all is perfect. He's black, and my parents are not happy about it. In fact, my mother threatened to toss me out of the house for dating him. Yeah. Chew on that for a second.

So I watched the finale in a bit of an apathetic manner. But I wanted to point out my love for Morgan and her family, as well as a little shout to Alex and his family. The person who posted ahead of me noted that they are interracial families...

...and I'd like to note that both these kids won gold stars. Morgan even won the additional, $50,000 gold star...and she's the product of a white mother and a black father. I think that's pretty awesome. In fact, I'd like to shove it in my parents' faces.

Now, I'm only 19 and a freshman college, and I'm certainly not looking to settle down, get married, or have kids yet by any means. My boyfriend is 18, and graduating high school this year, with the intention of going to college as well, and no desire for a family either. Yet, we're going to make this work like Morgan's parents and Alex's parents made their relationships work.

It was inspirational for me to see that, at least. Since when does skin color have to matter? Segregation is over. The 60s have ended. I wish that everyone could take a look at Morgan and the family she's from, and Alex and the family he's from. I wish my family could see that and support me.


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Dec. 13th, 2007 08:52 pm (UTC)
This is a really sweet post. It's good to see that more and more people are becoming open-minded to these kind of things. However, it's very disheartening that your parents don't approve. I'm really sorry about that because skin color (or gender, but that's not relevant to what you're talking about) doesn't matter at all. I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck. :] And I hope your parents realize they're just being foolish.

On to the other part of your post, it is awesome to see that these children from interracial families are such great kids. And they have their parents to thank for that. As you have said, I hope this show/episode really changes peoples minds about things like interracial dating and marriage. It doesn't matter if your parents are of two different races, we're all human, and they can raise children just as well as parents of the same race.

This topic also reminds me of a conversation in my math class today. Some of the guys were talking of how the one teacher said that you can sell babies on the black market for ten-thousand dollars. Yes, this is really horrible, but they were making jokes about it and someone said "I bet in Africa you could become rich off of that." There were a few laughs, then someone said "Would they be worth as much?", looked shocked, and tried to cover up what he said with "I'm not racist! Really! I didn't mean to say that!" It got awkwardly quite, so I told him, "If you're blurting things out like that without even thinking, it's a sign of that's what you really feel on the inside." He got all offended and said he wasn't racist. Yeah, good one.

But anyways, some other guy was beginning to talk about how he sees about one black person when he goes out and gets angered by it. Then he said, "I hate going to Virgina because there's only black people." That was so effing rude on more than one level, and my friend added in: "Why? What does it matter what color skin you have? It doesn't matter if you're black or white or any other race, we're all the same." The ignorant guy responded with, "I dunno. I just hate the color black." It really bothers me that people can be so judgemental on no basis aside from that a person is different from them. I never understood why others hate people of a different race, sexual preference, social group, political views, or any other stupid thing like that. Why are people so damned mean to one another? It's really sad that even in this century, people can't yet accept those who are different. Oh the joys of living in a very rural area. :/

And sorry for getting so off topic...just thought I'd share.
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