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it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Kid Nation Season Finale Recap:
  • The episode starts with an emotional Mike on the verge of tears waking up in the middle of the night and wandering around town, only to find the job board completely up in flames.
  • After standing and staring at it for 5 minutes, Mike decides to pull a Paul Revere and runs around town waking everyone up to come look at the job board.
  • Like any scared kid who doesn't know that the producers are playing a mean trick on them, the kids start scattering to find water to put out the fire.  Jared gets a small tin cup, thinking any water helps, but ends up missing the board when he attempts to throw the water on it.  So much for that idea.
  • Jonathan shows up in the morning telling the kids that the job board fire was no accident.  He also brings out the journal, which future arsonist, Mallory, suggests he burn with the board.
  • With no job board and no guiding journal, the town goes into chaos, with the kids raiding the saloon and candy stores.  The green district is nowhere to be found, presumably reading or praying in their bunkhouses.
  • Sophia, as predicted, prepares dinner that night.  During dinner, the town council addresses the citizens and basically tells them that they fucked up.  Everyone cheers when they tell them to fix the town.  IDGI.
  • The next morning all the kids work on tidying up.  I still don't get why.
  • Jonathan announces the showdown reward is the last gold star and there is basically no challenge.  He promises that more surprises are in store.
  • While the council goes off to decide, Jonathan asks who the town thinks should get it.  Guylan suggests Mike for being the most bipolar citizen of Bonanza.  Laurel, who is always of sound mind and judgment suggests Sophia should get another gold star.
  • DK, proving exactly how great of a leader he is under pressure, begins to cry and claim he doesn't want to make the decision.
  • The council comes back and announces that Zach is the last 20k gold star winner.  Shocked (was it really that shocking?), Zach cries and accepts his prize.
  • Taylor and Layla decide it is the best idea to put the chickens in their bunk to sleep with them for a night.  Emilie comes in and asks the yellow girls if she can spend the night in their bunk tonight.  The girls say sure.
  • 2 minutes later, Kelsey, aka The Instigator, comes up to Emilie and basically says, GTFO.  A fight ensues and Migle and has to break the girls up with only half her clothes on.  Good thing she has experience.  The fight ends with the yellow girls agreeing to hang out with Emilie the next day.  Suuurree...
  • The kids are gathered to find out that there are 3 additional gold stars to be distributed, each worth 50k.  Take that, Zach.
  • Jonathan tells the kids that the challenge they must complete to gain access to those stars is to throw a Bonanza City Bonanza filled with 3 tasks that must be finished.
  • The first task is to cook a bunch of food.  The microwave, which everyone hated before, comes in handy as they  must load a jar with hot tomato sauce.  Pizza, my ass.
  • The second task is to assemble picnic tables.  Mike uses his boy scout skills to help direct everyone else.  Greg, having done pretty much everything humanly possible, has experience with picnic table building and builds quite a few himself.
  • The last task is to shovel all their trash out and wheel it away to bury.  Greg and Blaine, being the beasts, shoveled a ton of dirt out of the way to help make more room for trash.  The kids have to run back to ring the bell, but DK, of course, collapses and has to be carried by Greg and Blaine back to the start.
  • The kids win the reward and find out their families are here to join the party!  HOORAY!  Hugs, kisses, and Bonanza Bombs all around.
  • The kids and parents head in for the last town hall meeting for the announcement of the last 3 gold star winners.  First one goes to, no shock, Sophia!  Second, to the mother of the town, Morgan.  Third, goes to NOT LAUREL, but Migle.  Bogus.
  • And then, it's the end.  :(


Dec. 13th, 2007 08:52 pm (UTC)
I actually thought it seemed staged that Mike woke up in the middle of the night and saw the fire. I don't know, it just looked weird cause they shot him from like 3 different angles walking up to the job board.
Dec. 13th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
You're right, with all the angles and such, they had to be expecting it. Plus, he looked rather awake for being up late and/or just waking up. Hmm...


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